Fishing Hook MOD APK 2.4.11 (Menu)

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Nov 23, 2015
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Hello, fellow fishermen! With Fishing Hook, are you ready for an incredible fishing journey unlike any other? Get your gear ready because we’re going to dive into the water to grab some enormous fish!

The Art of Angling: Using a Precision Fishing Hook to Bring It All Together

Have you ever considered administering a dose of medication to a fish? Now is your opportunity, however! Press the reel button and see the fish take a hit as it moves closer to your hand.

Quick Hits Using the Pin

Starting to feel impatient? Don’t worry! To quickly reduce the distance between you and the fish, use the tension gauge in conjunction with the striking pin. It’s similar to giving your fishing abilities a turbo boost!

Let Go of the Challenge

You have to let go sometimes in order to grab something bigger. Give up on those tough fish and be ready to pull in bigger and more expensive ones the following time. Folks, it’s all about the strategic angle!

No Information, No Concerns

Say goodbye to worries about running out of data or losing network access. Fishing Hook runs without an internet connection and is designed to be minimally demanding on the resources of your device. That means you can play the game whenever and wherever you choose, without interruption!

Amazing Features to Hold Your Interest

Multilingual Support: You may participate in the fishing spectacular in 16 different languages!
Accomplishments and Positions: Want to show off your skill at fishing? Take against fishermen from all around the globe and rise through the ranks to become the ultimate fishing champion!
Optimizing Tablets: Fishing Hook is optimized to provide the best possible fishing experience, regardless of whether you’re casting from a phone or tablet.

A Cautionary Note for Owners of the Galaxy Note 5

Users of the Galaxy Note 5: take note! We have discovered a small glitch in the Grace UX software upgrade. It seems like there is a compatibility issue between Fishing Hook and the Data Save/Load mechanism. But fear not—we have an easy solution for you:

  • Open “Settings” on your mobile device.
  • Choose “Cloud and Accounts.”
  • Choose “Backup.”
  • Turn off the horrifying “Automatic Restore.”

After making these adjustments, click OK to preserve the changes, and you’re done!


MOD Menu

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