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Explore Metel’s maze-like depths with abandon; it’s an immersive puzzle adventure unlike anything other. You will take on the role of a brave hero trying to escape the grasp of a menacing monster behind its unsettling walls. But be care—even the smallest mistake might mean disaster!

Explore Metel’s otherworldly landscapes, which are created in breathtaking 3D realism and blur the lines between reality and the macabre. Immerse yourself in the Labyrinth. You’ll feel the tension in the air with every step, like you’re walking through the halls of a haunted mansion.

Ethereal Landscapes: Get ready to solve a variety of hard problems that are sure to stump even the sharpest brains. Your mental acuity will be put to the test. You will get closer to salvation with each puzzle you solve as a fresh route to freedom opens up in front of you.

Assess Your Cognitive Abilities: Solving Complicated Puzzles:

Metel has very intricate gameplay features that need you to blend stealth and wit to avoid the evil antagonist’s unrelenting pursuit. Your ability to outwit and outsmart your opponent while deftly maneuvering through the shadows will determine whether you survive.

Pathways to Freedom: Immerse yourself in the eerie story brought to life by the expressive English voice acting, which gives the cast of people you’ll meet on your terrifying trip depth and gravity. But that’s not all.

Play mechanics: Sneaking and Slyness:

Set off on a journey of self-discovery as you examine the complex web of secrets surrounding each character, from brave heroes to crafty detectives, each with a unique story to tell. Metel’s narrative tapestry is as rich and diverse as it is ominous, drawing you further and farther into its grasp.

Unrelenting Pursuit: Are you ready to face the ghosts that hide in Metel Horror Escape’s dark corners? Get ready to go on a heart-pounding journey of survival by fortifying your nerves and honing your cunning. But keep in mind that only the most shrewd and brave will escape unharmed from the perilous world of Metel, where danger lurks around every turn.

Evocative English Voice in a Haunting Story Playing:

Prepare yourself for a terrifying experience unlike any other as you dare to discover the mysteries that lay dormant behind Metel’s eerie corners. The time is running out – will you seize the opportunity or fall victim to the evil forces that lie ahead of you? You get to make the decision.


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