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Mar 19, 2019
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With its captivating story full of intense battles and strategic moves, Modern Ops is an immersive handheld combat challenge. In this essay, we examine the several characteristics that set Modern Ops apart in the context of online shooters.

Step Into the Adrenaline Gauntlet

Enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes from diving headlong into nonstop first-person shooter (FPS) action. The game Modern Ops invites players to take on difficult challenges and immerse themselves in a symphonic fusion of combat encounters.

A Wide Range of Cutting-Edge Weapons

Discover a vast array of over thirty modern weapons, handguns, and covert camouflage options perfect for a variety of gameplay types. Modern Ops provides a variety of options to accommodate each operator’s tastes, from close-quarters combat to long-range accuracy.

A Modern Ops PvP Extraordinary

Engage in high-action PvP battles with up to ten dangerous opponents that come from all across the world. Experience intense firearm confrontations that will ruthlessly test your reflexes and strategic thinking.

Playing Strategic Games in the Modern Operations Nexus

Form your own alliance and go on joint operations that cross national borders. To demonstrate dominance on the battlefield, use tactical killstreaks like sentinel turrets and drone attacks.

Seasons Recognized for Their Competitive Arrangement

During competitive seasons, rise through the ranks and prove that you are the ultimate operator. Get praise and compete to be the best among other first-person shooter aficionados.

Artful Grandeur and Intuitive Manipulation

Players may immerse themselves in the action of Modern Ops without having to struggle with complex concepts because to its intuitive handling and approachable UI. The immersive experience is enhanced even further by its three-dimensional images.

Consistent Freshness and Customization Infusions

Savor an immersive gaming experience with sporadic bursts of creative material. To achieve maximum efficacy on the battlefield of Modern Operations, customize your arsenal, acquire new weapons, and adjust your loadouts.

What's new

Spring is here!
The spring update starts on the 20th of March:
-New Season 17
-New character Samurai
-New weapons: Vulcan-M, QBZ-95 PRO, TEC-9, Kel-Tec KS7, SIG MPX, XM2010
-New Skin Case and Glove Case
-New skins for Scythe, Japan Katana, SIG MG338, XM8, CMR-30 and others
-New Half Moon Gloves and Samurai Gloves
-New Freezing weapon impact
-Spring Warrior Path Event from 26.03 to 01.04
-Updated Premium status for 7/30/60 days, multi-level Piggy Bank and new spring promotions


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