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May 26, 2022
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Take out on an exciting adventure in POLYWAR, a competitive player-versus-player first-person shooter that will definitely test your shooting prowess. Get ready for an intense 3D shooting experience that drops you right into the middle of a never-ending battle. The fascinating world of POLYWAR will be explored in this talk, along with its unique aspects, gameplay nuances, and unique selling points in the crowded first-person shooter industry.

Participate in the Conflict Theater

Without any automatic gun systems, POLYWAR offers an unmatched first-person multiplayer shooting experience in which every shot you fire is evidence of your skill as a fighter. Enter the battlefield and demonstrate your skills in high-stress battle situations.

Engage in Real War Operations

POLYWAR delivers a degree of realism unmatched in its genre with an unflinching dedication to minute detail. Everything about it has been carefully designed to make you feel like you’re in the thick of things on the battlefield. It’s a genuine experience, complete with regular and tactical reloading, various optic magnifications, recoil dynamics, and barrel smoke emission.

Broad Armory Selection POLYWAR

Build up an armory of powerful weaponry, all of which are free to use depending on your player level. Whether your playstyle is more focused on accuracy as a long-range sniper, dexterity as an assault expert, or surprise with a grenade launcher, POLYWAR makes sure the right weapon is there to support you.

Various Terrains and Game Modes

Investigate a variety of gaming settings and environments that accommodate various play styles and tastes. Every fan of the first-person shooter genre will find something to enjoy, from the Shooting Range for skill-building to Team Mode for cooperative play, Gungame for intense action, and Duels for private one-on-one matches.

Customize Your Supply Chain

Add sights, suppressors, skins, and other accessories to customize your weapons to your want. As an extension of your own playstyle, your loadout should be, and POLYWAR gives you the freedom to choose the alternatives that most appeal to you.

Flowing Gameplay and Simple Controls

POLYWAR is carefully calibrated to run smoothly, even on devices with low processing power, ensuring maximum performance without sacrificing smoothness. Furthermore, you may completely alter the intuitive controls to fit your own tastes.

Various Skins and Addenda

Amass a collection of skins and accessories to give your character and weapons a distinctive look. Being involved in a bustling market place creates a strong in-game community and makes it possible for you to exchange skins and other things with other players, which makes the game experience even better.

What's new

Removed winter design and fixed bugs. We are preparing the game for the next major update!


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