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Nov 16, 2017
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Shadow Fight 3: A wonder known as Shadow Fight 3 once existed in a faraway land full with magical powers and enormous wars. Get ready, devoted reader, for an adventure full of unmatched thrills and a hint of whimsy!

The Champion’s Destiny Shadow Combat 3

There was a legend about a chosen hero who would end the never-ending battle for the shadow essence. This model, my fellows, was required to become proficient in not just one, nor two, but three fighting disciplines! Can you imagine the utter beauty of mastering three different crafts? I find it difficult to manage the complexities of my own shoelaces!

The Trio of Elements

This mythical realm was the scene of an epic struggle between three powerful groups. Initially, the honorable Legion warriors, unwavering in their fight against the dangerous shadow essence. Then the crafty Dynasty inhabitants, lusting after the power of the shadow essence for their own schemes. And lastly, the mysterious Heralds ninjas, exploring the deep recesses of shadow history. A drama started to happen!

Selecting Your Side

It was now your responsibility, dear reader, to choose your side in this epic story. Which side would you march with? The cunning Dynasty, the mysterious Heralds, or the brave Legionnaires? You alone had the last say in the matter!

How to Write a Protagonist

There’s an encore, however! Shadow Fight 3 was more than just a battle of wills and swordplay. Oh my, it went much beyond! It was an honor for you to create your very own famous protagonist! Imagine this: a ninja covered in darkness, a knight shining in armor, or a skilled samurai brandishing a powerful sword. You have the ability to customize your hero’s appearance and mannerisms. What more could a person want for? Bold and intimidating?


The time to launch yourself into combat has come after your hero was outfitted! With so many fighting styles just waiting for you to perfect, Shadow Fight 3 called out to you. Do you want to be a secretive ninja that darts about in the dark? Or maybe you like the savagery of a brave knight? With shadow essence at your disposal, you may unleash devastating blows that could turn the odds of battle in your favor. Just be sure to loosen up your muscles before the fight starts!

Examining the Story

And let’s not ignore the story! You faced tough opponents, solved mysteries, and traveled across time zones as you progressed through the game! Who would have thought that fighting could be so exciting and thrilling?

Engaging in Competition with Other Participants

And yet, my friends, the fun continued! Yes, you could show off your skills in Shadow Fight 3 by fighting other players’ champions! Rise through the ranks, compete with the best, and leave a lasting legacy. Just be sure to polish off your victorious celebration!

Purchasing Equipment

And what hero would be complete without his or her go-to weapons? You had the chance to gather a variety of weapons and gear in Shadow Fight 3 so you could try them out in battle. Unlocking special skills after finishing the whole set will allow you to plan tactics and defeat opponents with style!

Galas & Events with a Theme

Hold on, there’s more wonder! Shadow Fight 3 included frequent themed events where you may get uncommon armor, colors, weapons, and accessories. It was like an endless party full with discoveries and treasures!

Visual Extravaganza

And let’s not forget about beauty! Shadow Fight 3’s vivid scenery and realistic fighting choreography made for an amazing visual display. It seems like you are the lead character in a big-budget movie!

What's new

Version 1.37.2 changes:
- Technical improvements added
- Several bugs fixed


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