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Apr 11, 2021
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See The Walking Dead: Survivors, a world of pixelated marvels where survivors and zombies dance a confusing game of survival and strategy. With an intriguing zombie twist, this game brings to life childhood fantasies of building magnificent forts and fighting imagined enemies.

The Pixelated Journey Revealed

Imagine a community that is vibrating with the terrifying thrill of the undead, rather than the monotonous tune of an ice cream truck. As the mastermind of a thriving colony in this pixelated adventure, you have the thrilling duty of defending your refuge from both the living and the dead. Imagine your beloved pillow fort from childhood, except with barriers in place of the plush cushions and walkers that devour flesh in place of made-up creatures. That’s the essence of this compelling story!

Young Heroes in Motion

Set off on an adventure through the expansive and dangerous world of The Walking Dead, where you may take control of legendary comic book characters like Negan, Glenn, Rick, Michonne, and more. It’s like always having action figures on hand—a transportable world where your favorite childhood heroes fight the zombie apocalypse.

Important Choices in a Pixelated Environment

Every choice you make throughout the pixelated journey becomes significant to the story. Will you release your inner conqueror and raise an army to impose supremacy, or will you build your town into an unbreakable fortress? Decisions in this world have consequences, much like the conundrum of deciding whether to build the largest Lego structure or plan a cosmic conflict with Star Wars miniatures.

But take note of this: this is not a solo assignment in the game, young survivor. You’ll come across international gamers in The Walking Dead: Survivors’ hostile landscape. It reminds me of those awkward situations you had at summer camp: make friends with the kid who has the nice food or challenge them to a water balloon battle. Will you form alliances or engage in combat for supremacy? You have options here, just as childhood loyalties may be as erratic as playground friendships.

Support from The Walking Dead Comic Book Series

This game is the actual thing, as confirmed by the Walking Dead comic book. It’s similar to having genuine action figures as opposed to replicas. You are thrust into the center of the apocalyptic world in The Walking Dead: Survivors, where beloved people fight zombies rather than made-up enemies.

Capable Minds and Unbreakable Castles

Get your strategic thinking ready since quick judgments are necessary to survive in this world of pixels. Will you be the one putting the finishing touches on strategic partnerships and unbreakable defenses? Or will you be the fearless commander who charges into battle and uses your army of pixels to conquer whole regions? Imagine a game of chess, except instead of castles, imagine zombies—unless you include your pixelated stronghold, of course.

Tower Defense Chaos

And prepare yourselves for tower defense mayhem among all the chatter about fortresses. It is your responsibility to fend off the pixelated walkers that are always attacking your community. Picture yourself aligning your best action figures in a row to repel hostile hordes. Now replace the terrible hordes with pixelated zombies, the action figures with survivors, and the line with well placed structures and barriers. Look! A tower defense game that would make kids dream about their youth.

Transformation into a Social Galacque

But there’s still more! This is a game that develops into a social spectacle beyond fighting walkers. When you socialize virtually with gamers all around the globe, walkers only serve as distractions. It’s similar to writing letters to a pen friend, except instead of letters, you trade blows with pixelated zombies. Select your partners carefully, since trust is as scarce in The Walking Dead: Survivors as extra dessert at lunch.

Battle Between Pixelated Villainy and Negan

Do you have a desire to become more influential? Create clans and develop different types of clan structures all across the area. It is similar to setting up covert societies in your garden, except it involves more pixelated combat and less covert handshakes. Get ready for battle against the archetypal bad guy from childhood video games, Negan.

The Universe Unveiled in Pixels

Enter the pixelated world of The Walking Dead: Survivors, young survivor. Invest in your community, bring in well-known figures, bolster your defenses, and form partnerships. Recall that the real creatures in this game are outside your pixelated stronghold, not under your bed. Are you ready to face the zombies with a smile and a well thought out strategy? You have the power to decide, young survivor. I hope the pixels work in your advantage!

What's new

1. New function: Home Defense Team
2. Duels Shop (Beta test)
3. Optimized Privileges and Benefits for Region officials
4. Added a Commander function in Battle Ground Tactics
5. Optimized Comms Occupation Rewards
6. Optimized Tides Of The Dead
7. Optimized The Carnivores event
8. Added a daily value purchase pack to the ELITE store


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