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Jul 16, 2023
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Toilet War The fabled game “Toilet Tussle” becomes popular on the playground in a not-too-distant world. Enter an epic fight for domination between speakermen and chambermen against the cunning Skibidi Toilet monsters in this pixelated adventure.

The idea: A toilet fight in pixelated Odyssey

Set off on a dangerous adventure with nothing but a camera. Explore dangerous urban environments, such as maze-like streets and abandoned factories, where obstacles get more ridiculous.

Encounter the Skibidi Toilet Monsters: From Laughing Goblins to Command Center

Face off against an array of crafty foes, ranging from the enormous Boss Bowl to the irrationally chuckling Gurglin’ Goblins. Acquire the ability to outwit them, since success is only a strategically placed picture away.

Modernizations and Stupidity: Pixelated Wrenches and Disco Balls

Gather upgrades from various locations across the city to make your cameraman a more powerful agent. Toilet Tussle is a hilarious and ridiculously fun game that has jetpacks, rubber chickens, and disco balls.

Urban Landscapes: From Thrumming Squares to Soaring Towers

Navigate through several cityscapes with more absurd difficulties. Laugh as you face off against cunning Toilet Terrors carrying toilet paper rolls and make your way through a labyrinth of plungers.

Boss Matchup: Facing the Giant Boss Bowl

Faced with the enormous Boss Bowl and equipped with a diving plunger, experience the comedic peak of the game. In addition to providing a deeper story of bravery and perseverance, this clash is sure to make seasoned players smile.

Deeper Story: Solving the Mystery

A story of bravery and determination may be found underneath the jokes and odd enhancements. Win the battle against the mysterious Skibidi Toilet monsters to find out how to put an end to this humorous menace.

Chambermen and Speakermen Win the War Against Intellect and Plungers

There will only be winners—the bravest chambermen and the craftiest speakermen. Your ability to overcome ridiculous obstacles and free mankind from Skibidi Toilets will determine the destiny of the whole globe.


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