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NameHarry Potter: Magic Awakened
PublisherWarner Bros. International Enterprises
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What's new

New Luna Lovegood Companion Card: This card Summons Luna Lovegood. While Luna is in play, casting a spell causes Luna to cast a random summon of lesser MP.
Additional Hogsmeade Shops now available: Explore new shops at Hogsmeade with Honeydukes, Zonko’s Joke Shop, Gladrags Wizardwear, and more!
Optimization and Bug Fixes.

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In a realm distant, beyond the grasp of ordinary eyes, nestled amidst enchanting landscapes, lies a prestigious institution known as Hogwarts. Within its ancient walls, a multitude of sorcerers and sorceresses immerse themselves in the intricate arts of spells and potions. But lo and behold, dear readers, for this narrative transcends the realms of mere academia; it unfurls the tale of an innovative marvel christened Harry Potter: Magic Awakened!

Embarking on a Magical Journey: Exploring Hogwarts

Visualize if you will, soaring through the cerulean skies astride nimble broomsticks, wielding incantations that weave through the ether, engaging in fierce confrontations against fantastical creatures. Yes, you read that right, for in this fantastical creation, such feats are not mere flights of fancy but tangible realities awaiting your command!

Engaging in Mystical Duels: Unveiling the Realm of Spells

Let us delve into the heart of this wondrous creation – the mesmerizing realm of duels! Picture this: a whirlwind of mystic energies colliding in a mesmerizing display of skill and strategy. Multiplayer duels unfold as a spectacle, an intricate dance where cunning tactics vie for dominance. Will you emerge triumphant, your mastery of magic shining forth like a beacon in the night? Seize your wand, for the answer awaits amidst the arcane tapestry of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened!

Collecting Mystical Cards: A Treasure Trove of Magic

Behold, dear enthusiasts, a treasure trove of over seventy mystical cards beckoning to be collected and honed. From the formidable Stupefy to the scorching Incendio, from majestic beasts to ancient relics, the arsenal at your disposal knows no bounds. Engage in riveting player-versus-player encounters or embark on perilous player-versus-environment quests – the choice, dear reader, is yours to make!

Exploring Boundless Vistas: Traversing Hogwarts

But wait, the enchantment does not cease with duels alone; it extends to the boundless vistas awaiting exploration. Picture yourself traversing the hallowed corridors of Hogwarts, rubbing shoulders with iconic figures, unraveling enigmas that shroud the annals of history. A new saga unfurls, a chapter set a decade after the vanquishing of Voldemort, beckoning forth a new generation of spellbinders to partake in its mystique.

Fostering Camaraderie: Real-Time Communion

And what of your avatar, dear reader? Fear not, for the tapestry of customization unfolds before you in all its splendor! Venture into Diagon Alley, procure the wand that resonates with your essence, attire yourself in finery that befits your stature. Who decreed that sorcery must be bereft of style?

Unveiling the Mysteries Within: Hogwarts’ Hallowed Halls

Ah, but what would Hogwarts be without companions to share in its myriad wonders? Fear not, for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened facilitates real-time communion with fellow wizards and witches. Engage in spirited duels, traverse Hogwarts’ hallowed grounds in tandem, or simply partake in convivial banter amidst the ethereal ambiance – for what is a magical odyssey sans camaraderie?

Embracing Revelry: Hogwarts’ Sacred Confines

Now, let us unveil the myriad wonders that lie in wait within Hogwarts’ hallowed halls. Attend classes that unfurl the secrets of esoteric spells, concoct potions that teem with eldritch energies, delve into the annals of wizardry’s storied past. Or, if temerity courses through your veins, venture forth into the Forbidden Forest, where mythical creatures stir and the dragon’s roar echoes through the verdant expanse!

Yet amidst the solemnity, let us not forget the revelry that ensues within Hogwarts’ sacred confines – for lo, a dance club awaits! Summon your comrades, glide across the dance floor with a grace that belies mortal comprehension. Who knew that wizardry and revelry could intertwine in such harmonious symphony?

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