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Mar 27, 2013
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Playing Into the Dead is an opus that gives players a spine-tingling experience in the strange realm of video games, where shuffles and moans build a horrific symphony.

Your Place at the Undead Feast: The Pint-Sized Human Morsel

The mood is dark as players enter this alien region and must navigate the dangers of turning into a delicious pleasure in a zombie Happy Meal.

A Brief Encounter with Destiny: Transient Survival

Even survival seems like a short-lived game of chance, like trying to finish your schoolwork before the recess bell rings.

Eye Candy: Illustrations Beyond the Ages

A terrifying world where even the closet may turn into a possible necropolis is presented to players in Into the Dead, a game whose graphics exceed the limitations of traditional computers.

Uncontrolled Chaos in Auditory Hallucinations

Your gaming refuge is turned into a monster mash soirée by the game’s aural symphony, a cacophony of growls and unsettling noises.

Equipping Your Digital Sanctum with Reflective Arms

Players in Into the Dead are armed with an array of weapons, ranging from shotguns that sound like soda can burps to perks that let you move faster than a cat on a hot iron roof.

Sending Out Zombie Troops: A Bullet-Based Kinetic

It becomes an exciting layer that transforms a bullet-for-bullet game into a riveting interlude when you can eliminate zombies with the agility of a running genius.

An Animated Chaos in a Kaleidoscope of Scenes

The varied terrain creates a sense of worldwide exploration amongst the chaos caused by the undead, keeping the adventure captivating.

Thinking Like an Artist: A Modern Take on Hide-and-Seek

Into the Dead elevates strategy to an art form, contrasting the dangerous prospect of being zombie food with the seductive appeal of weapon boxes.

Run Button, the Unsung Hero

In the middle of thoughtful deliberations, the unsung hero steps forward: the run button, a little ally that turns into a lifeline in the unrelenting fight against wiped out.

The Final Scene of Into the Dead: An Excursion Through the Imagination

A journey into the depths of the mind, Into the Dead goes beyond recreation and becomes a test of speed, dexterity, and strength.

Survivors’ Allies: A Pixelated Apocalyptic Tale

Think back to the wisdom from Into the Dead when faced with an undead-overrun world: keep flying, be accurate with your gunfire, and hit the run button with an intensity that suggests it’s life or death.

What's new

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


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